About Me

Jackie Hay, RN, MSN

With over four decades of hands on palliative care experience and expertise, I lead a team of professionals aimed at supporting patients and their loved ones with Advance Health Care Planning and creating legacy stories. My entire professional nursing career has prepared me for Transcending Journeys.

 I have experience from hands on nursing to developing inpatient and outpatient hospice and palliative care services throughout California.  From initial diagnosis through end-of life, I have always treated the patient and family as one unit.

I have experience in a variety of practice settings: clinics; home health; hospice and inpatient palliative care.  I have cared for patients from early diagnosis, Advance disease, during treatment and end-of-life.

I have cared for thousands of patients and families on their journeys. And, I have attended hundreds of deaths.  I know patient self-determined care planning, should always be based on what gives the patient meaning.

In my experience, I have seen how advance care planning and creating legacy stories can not only benefit patients, but their loved ones too for generations come.

My experience has taught me “the death defines the grief.”

I believe we must plan for a good ending, and everyone deserves a good ending which is possible with the support of Transcending Journeys.


Personalized Approach

My Advance Care Planning & End-of-Life Care Planning services are based on your cultural values, meaning and purpose, and how you want to be remembered by your loves ones.

My vision

I aim to help you have the best possible transition (death) when the time comes.  I can assist you with a variety of offerings that can help your survivors even years after your transition. I love to help my clients connect and feel close to their loved ones through pre-transition (diagnosis), mid-transition (treatment), transition (death) and post-transition (after death/bereavement).