Service Offerings

My Offerings Include:


We design custom TOUCHSTONES (glass wafers or keychains) with either a photo of a loved one or a special image you choose that keeps you connected. TOUCHSTONES represent love and devotion. They can be placed in a purse or a pocket, on an altar or simply on a bedside table… to remind you that your loved one is always near, inspiring you and re-orienting you to your dreams and life purpose.

Additionally, TOUCHSTONES make the perfect gift to remember a variety of “thresholds” such as: births; First Communions; Bar/Bat Mitzvahs; graduations; weddings; anniversaries; birthdays; memorial services/celebrations of lives.

Letters Of Love:

Often parents, grandparents, godparents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, or friends become aware they will not be physically present for a child’s milestones which can be a source of suffering for many. We can assist individuals with composing LETTERS to be kept sealed until the day of the milestone. Each LETTER will invoke wisdom from the writer, providing direction for what the child should know at each milestone.

The Story Of…

Frequently, young parents experience profound grief when their own parents or grandparents die before their children get to know them. What we know is, they can keep their loved ones “alive” by the stories they tell and the pictures they show. THE STORY OF…PROJECT involves us facilitating individuals to write a remembrance of their loved one, a book to be passed on for generations to come. The story will capture their loved one’s essence, their values, their culture and their qualities that can live on.


"The Boy from France Who Loved, Loved, Loved Birds"

This story was written with a young mom whose grandfather died just before her first child was born. Her grief was central to the fact that her children would not get to know her grandfather. She wanted us to capture the essence of who he was so that her children would know him. She wanted them to know that when something is that great, it never leaves, and it never goes away.

The book was written bilingual in English and French for her children.

The boy cared for birds of his own and for a famous artist when he was growing up in Nice, France. Even towards the end of his life, he continued to care for his own birds.

The story taught the children about their ancestry and French language, culture, values, and customs, as well as geography. By telling the story of her grandfather, this young mother was able to begin her healing process.


Ancestral, Devotional, Fertility, Freeform, and Intentional

“What we place on the altar is then altered” 

-Marianne Williamson

We design custom ALTARS. An ALTAR represents your life and it is where you connect to the source of all being. In your home or work place, an ALTAR allows you to connect to the sacred and to your spirituality daily. We work with individuals to craft ALTARS based on their beliefs and values. We assist with selecting essential items and placement to optimize connection, purification and healing.

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